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High-temperature paste

H1 high-temperature paste for the food and pharmaceutical industry


Also suitable for sliding surfaces in office machines and appliances, computers, optical instruments and paper machines.

As assembly and lubricating paste for bolts, nuts, studs, flanges and spindles as well as other sliding surfaces in screw and plug connections, guidebars, hinges and rollers.


H1 registered

Kosher certified

Halal certified

Manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 21469

High load carrying ability

Lubricating efficient even at high temperatures

Avoids groove formation

Compatible with elastomeres


Very good anti-corrosion properties

Temperature range

– 30°C – + 1200°C

Shipping containers

  • 20 x 100g tube/cardbord box

  • 10 x 400g cartridges

  • 10 x 1kg tins

  • 25kg hobbock

  • other packaging on request