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High performance, fully synthetic lubricant based on low SAPS technology, designed for new-generation passenger cars powered by DI turbo diesel or gasoline engines of Euro 4, 5 & 6 emission standards requiring an ACEA C3 engine oil. It is fully compatible with catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters (DPF). Effective anti-wear additives guarantee reliable protection against engine wear and bore polishing. Ιt is particularly applicable for use in high-power gasoline engines, as well as diesel engines of GM (demanding dexos2™), Daimler (MB 229.51), Volkswagen Group (VW 502.00/505.00/505.01 specifications), BMW (for extended drain intervals) and Porsche, or where SAE 5W-40 oils of ACEA C3 and API SN (or earlier specifications) quality level are recommended

API SN(approved), ACEA C3;A3/B4-07; VW 502.00/505.01, Daimler MB 229.51, BMW LongLife-04, GM Dexos 2, Porsche A40
Level: Fiat 9.55535.S2, Ford WSS M2C-917A

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