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Low Foam Safewash


Product Description

SWAP removes all types of flux residues (RA, RMA, no-clean and water-soluble) quickly and efficiently, using a range of different production equipment. It is designed to be ready to use and also contains a corrosion inhibitor for use with sensitive metals. SWAP is part of the Electrolube Safewash range; water-based, non-flammable, biodegradable solvent blends designed to clean to within military cleanliness standards, (ANSIJ-001B/IPC TM-650).

Key properties

  • Removes all types of flux residues; suitable for many PCB cleaning processes
  • Low foaming action; suitable for use in pressure wash systems
  • Supplied as ready-to-use product; quick and easy processing
  • Non-flammable product
  • 100% ozone friendly; suitable for use in standard cleaning equipment