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A fully synthetic, ultra high performance oil (UHPDO) specially engineered for diesel powertrains operating under extreme conditions. The high performance additives used enable the final product complying with the latest requirements of all major European OEMs (such as Mercedes Benz and Scania) regarding piston cleanliness, excellent control of bore polish and valve train wear and thus it is essential for longer engine life. It meets the requirements of most European manufacturers for Euro III/IV engines and certain Euro V and, in particular, Scania Euro VI applications with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) or/and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. Suitable for a wide range of transportation applications for which maximum allowable change intervals are enabled.

ACEA E4, E7; API CF; MB 228.5, MB 235.28; MAN M3277; Volvo VDS-3; MTU Cat. 3; Renault Trucks RXD, RLD-2; Scania LDF-3; DAF Extended Drain; Cummins CES 20077; Voith Retarder Oil Class B; Deutz DQC IV-10; Mack EO-N; IVECO 18-1804

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