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Flammable Invertible Air Duster


Product Description

EADI250D is a flammable air duster which can be ‘inverted’ and sprayed at any angle to aid the removal of dust and debris from hard to access areas of mechanisms or machinery. The propellant used in this air duster is HFC152A which is flammable, but offers a lower degree of flammability in use when compared to standard hydrocarbon propellants. As EADI250D is flammable, it must NOT be used on live electrical equipment or near to ignition sources. We would advise machinery is turned off before use.

Electrolube Air Dusters are a go-to tool for maintenance engineers the world over.

Key properties

  • Invertible – can be used at any angle
  • Powerful Air duster
  • Flammable
  • Extension straw included for precision of the blast