Demineralised Water


Product Description

De-ionised water is ideal for small to medium quantity users of Safewash cleaning solutions, to give a final “polish” to circuit boards and assemblies which have been cleaned and rinsed in tap water. DEI can be used in one of Electrolube’s “empty pumps or aerosols”, TSB or APB. TSB is a trigger spray with adjustable nozzle; APB is a container which allows an “aerosol” effect to be achieved by hand pumping the container to build up pressure. It is not advisable to use DEI in a container and immerse the assembly or board, as DEI may quickly become contaminated with salts from tap water or even residues from the initial cleaning process.

Key properties

  • Provides a final rinse to circuit boards and assemblies
  • For use after a tap water rinse
  • Ideal for use with the Safewash range of cleaners
  • Suitable for use in trigger spray bottle (TSB000)
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