A & B DEVELOPER POWDER | Gelatin Based Indirect Photographic Films


For use with:

Quasar R 100
Super Prep®
Blue Poly®-2 and 3
Red TI® 

A & B Developer Powders are paired bottles of pre-measured, pre-weighed dry ingredients that are dissolved in tap water to make fresh developer solution for Ulano gelatin-based (iron salt sensitized) indirect system, photographic stencil films.


 ABP | 1 Pint (473 cc) | 8 | 20

 ABQ | 1 Quart (946 cc) | 20 | 6

 ABG | 1 Gallon (3.8 liters) | 20 | 2


A & B Developer Powders are pre-measured for mixing pints, quarts, or gallons of developer solution. As a user of Ulano Indirect System Photographic Films, A & B Developer Powders remain your best assurance that the developing step will be a constant in your stencil processing.

Because A & B Developer bottles are tightly sealed, the contents will not degenerate in storage (unlike hydrogen peroxide). This assures absolute freshness and proper concentration of the developer solution. A & B Developer Powders contain special buffers that minimize the effect of mineral content in your water. Pre-weighed, pre-mixed, fresh-until-opened A & B Developing Powders effectively eliminate any variables in the developing step when you process indirect system gelatin-based films.

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