569 | High Solids Content for Stencils with Superb Resolution and Excellent Edge Definition, Fine Details and Halftones

569 Provides high solids content for stencils with superb resolution and excellent edge definition, fine details and halftones. 569 has complete solvent resistance and, thus, affords easy stencil removal. Supplied with powder diazo sensitizer.

569CL Same as 569, but supplied clear for easier see-through registration. (Separate purple color supplied with purchase.)


  • 28UF569   28 ounces (0.83 liters)
  • 1GUF569  1 gallon (3.785 liters)
  • 5GUF569   5 gallons (18.927 liters)
  • 55GUF569  55 gallons (1041 liters)

Tech Data Sheet (English)

COLOR : Purple

SOLIDS : 39%