Chairman's Message:

Welcome to the Timo Trade Web-Site recently up-graded for our esteemed visitors to check our credit line as well as follow our activities. Welcome to the world of state of Art where you will find High Tech Products and Services.

For over 11 years, we have been meeting the needs and concerns of a wide industrial section that included petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, feed, textile, dye, metal, chemicals, paint, petrochemical, plastic, power stations, research and development institution. We aggressively pursue advanced methods and procedures related to each application, and therefore promote close working relationships with world's leading manufacturers, laboratories and institutes.
Our elements for success are highly experienced personnels leading and guiding a well trained team of work. The team consists of young, dynamic and capable customer service representatives and sales men who are able to serve the market with permanent presence and handle maintenance, technical support, and run our lab activities.
At Timo Trade, we rely on internationally well-known manufacturers and suppliers to whom we convey our special gratefulness for their continual support and their consequential enhancement for our projects.
Dear esteemed website visitor, we invite you to see for yourself the variety of ways Timo Trade can support your pursuit of success. We look forward to helping you get there and hands in hands together we can achieve success.

Milad Beshara