Ulano specializes in the manufacture of stencil-making products and chemicals for screen process printing. We also supply masking films, inkjet media
automated coating equipment, exposure test positives, and stencil evaluation tools. Our administrative and manufacturing headquarters is in Brooklyn
New York, where we also have research and development laboratories
applications laboratories, and a technical training center.

Ulano’s more than 75 years of growth have always been technologically driven. We have a proud history of innovation. In addition to the film stencil, Ulano...
  • Invented masking films (under the Rubylith® and Amberlith® brand names).
  • Formulated the first reclaimable, 100% solvent and water resistant emulsions.
  • Developed the first fast-exposing diazo resins.
  • Was the first manufacturer to eliminate bichromates and, later, di-butyl phthalate from all our photographic products.
  • Introduced capillary film to the world market.
  • Manufactures the widest range of indirect system photographic films in the industry.
  • Offered the first comprehensive, industry-specific line of screen chemicals.
Website: www.ulano.com